29 Jan 2009

Lightning Bolt Surftrips – Peru

In the beginning of the year we decided to take some Team Riders to the north of Peru. And that was really a smart decision.

Miguel Ximenez, Pekel, Joana Machado and José Ferreira were surfing the long lefts of Máncora, Lobitos, Los Organos, Pico Point and other spots in the North of Peru for two weeks and they still got time to shoot the Spring Summer 09 Catalogue.

The waves were not so good in the first week, but the second week brought them very long 3 to 5 feet waves, and that was enough to see Pekel’s aerials and the fluid style of Ximenez ready to start the WQS year in Fernando Noronha (Hang Loose Pro)

The team was located right close to Sofia Mulanovich’s residence in Mancora and they experienced a great adventure discovering the peruvian culture and meeting the locals lifestyle not so popular in Europe.

That would be a tough trip without the amazing help and friendship of Marco Ravizza aka Pulpo, the leader of OctopusSurfTours
One of the highlights goes to the presence of Rory Russell one of the first Lightning Bolt surfers and still involved with the brand that Gerry Lopez and Duke Boyd made mythic in the seventies.
Rory Russell, also known for winning several surf championships including two Pipeline Masters (76 and 77) is shaping the retro gun model “Pipeliner” and took some to impress the local surf community His natural entertainer and story teller character delighted all the surf fans in Máncora. Although he’s already over 50, Rory still remains one of the most charismatic and dynamic surfers in the world never missing a party and always surfing twice a day in his 7’6’’ swallow tail.
Check in the blog soon to see more photos and videos.

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