27 Mar 2009

Lightning Bolt Team Riders go to ISA World Junior Surf Championships

From March 28 to April 5 the waves of the Playa de las FAE in Salinas, Ecuador, will host the greatest junior surfing event in the world: the Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championship.
Lightning Bolt Team Riders, João Kopke, José Ferreira, Maria Abecasis and Miguel Blanco, will be in charge to boost the Portuguese team score.
photo: André Ferreira
More than 200 of the best athletes of about 30 different countries will be competing for one of the greatest honors to which a junior surfer can aspire: a podium in an International Surfing Association (ISA) event. The ISA is the World Governing Authority of Surfing and all its disciplines, recognized by the International Olympic Committee.
photo: André Ferreira
The event will crown the world champions in the categories Boys Under 18, Boys Under 16 and Girls Under 18, as well as the World Junior Champion nation, after the results of all its participants have been added. Each team will be represented by four members in each of the categories; therefore, a complete team will be composed of twelve athletes.
Stay tuned and watch all live at the
event website

photo: Hugo Matos

photo: André Ferreira
About the Place
Salinas is a beach resort located 136 km from Guayaquil, the second largest city in Ecuador. Its main and most renown surfing spot is the Playa de las FAE (FAE meaning Ecuadorian Air Force, for its initials in Spanish) will be the event scenario.
The wave is a long, perfect and consistent left-leaning point break that maintains the good shape in swells of up to 8 feet. The beach acquired fame after the World Surfing Games were held there in 2004.

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