19 Oct 2009

Surfer Magazine Covers - Special Edition tees

For the Style Masters line, Lightning Bolt has recently launched a special edition of tees and longsleeves using vintage Surfer magazine covers.
This special edition is a tribute to some of the greatest Lightning Bolt surfers that made this brand a legend in the 70’s, namely the founder Gerry Lopez and Mark Richards.

Surfer magazine is one of the oldest and biggest surfing magazines in the world, published around Dana Point and San Clemente, California.
“The magazine was founded by John Severson in 1960 as a program to accompany his yearly surf films. Severson's photography, art and sense of humor set the pace for the future of Surfer, which quickly grew to be a reflection of the sport and culture, as well as a sounding board for surfers and environmental activists. Today it is recognized as the premier surfing publication.” In wikipedia.
The “Surfer” model uses a cover originally issued on May 1979, featuring Pipeline master and Lightning Bolt founder, Gerry Lopez, riding the tube with his charismatic gun.
This design is available in t-shirt (white or black) and longsleeve.
The “Toon” model presents a Surfer magazine cover originally issued on December 1982, featuring a graphic illustration of a Mark Richard’s action shot, the Lightning Bolt team rider and four times world champion (1979-1982). This memorable fold-out cover tries to capture the atmosphere of the pro surfing tour.
This t-shirt is available in yellow (buttercup), orange (red clay) and brown (Java).

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