17 Dec 2009

Jord Fortmann – Our new team rider

Bolt team 2010 Jord Fortmann

We are very glad to announce our first dutch team rider.

Nickname? Jord FARTmann and Flying Dutchman
Birthdate? 07-05-1986
Hometown? Ter Heijde, Holland
Married, Single or Engaged? Girlfriend
Job? Allround sport instructor. Surf, snow and outdoor activities(climbing, hikes, mountain biking, etc)

Jord Fortmann is 23 and he started surfing 10 years ago. He surfs shortboards and longboards, and he is also the manager and surf instructor at Dutchsurfsxperience, located in Ter Heijde (Jamm beach). If you want some surf lessons or to go in a surfcamp in Holland, you must visit their site.

Despite Holland isn’t the perfect surf country, he is developing a great job spreading the sport, and he also travels a lot, to surf different spots. His favourite wave is Nusa Dua in Bali and his quiver includes a 9’6’’Jacobs, a  6’6’’ Russ Short Bonzer and a 5’5’’ Boogie fish.

About his surf:
Favourite Spots, close to your hometown or in Holland? In Holland Ter Heijde, Scheveningen and Hoek van Holland. For better waves France isn't too far away.
Regular ou Goofy? Regular
Surfboards? 5'5' boogie fish (Hydroflex by BUFO); 6'6' Russ Short bonzer shaped by Malcolm Campbell; 9'6'Jacobs noserider; 9' G&S performance longboard and happily I have got a beautiful Lightning Bolt single fin!!
Why did you start it? I found an old board at the sailing club close to my home and started surfing with a friend, after that , I bought my first board and never stopped until now.
Holland is not such a popular surf destination. Can you tell us a bit more about the main surf spots in there? Holland has got a long coastline, mainly beachbreaks, with and without rock jetties that create fun waves when the wind and tide is right. If you are at the right place, at the right time. The main surfspots are Scheveningen and Wijk aan zee both beach breaks protected from wind and current by a harbour wall. These spots are very busy year round with many surf schools in the summer season.
Favourite Surfers? Joel Tudor, Kelly Slater and Tom Curren.
Surftrips already made? Indonesia, Canary islands, Morocco and many spots europe. I'm in Morocco this winter. Also I'll go to Hawaii with Lightning Bolt in January 2010!! Next trip is not sure yet. I would love to work and surf for a while somewhere, where the waves are good. Maybe Australia or South Africa.
Wave Types? I love small longboard waves for the longboard and any other waves up to 8 - 10 ft ,if surfable.
Best spot in the world where you’ve been? Hard one...Gegger reef in Bali or Banana point in Morocco.
Favorite Manoeuvre? Noserides and roundhouse cutbacks
Biggest wipe out? Fuerteventura at age 16, big swell and not much experience, big long wipeouts at rockypoint.
Physical Maintenance? Which complementary sports or activities? Not much, in Holland I drive my bicycle and swim a lot. That keeps me fit in flat spells.
The surf and the Environment. Do you take part on any programme for protecting the beach? At the surf school we organise beach cleanups with the kids and I am member of the Surfrider Foundation.
You are also very good on Longboard. In the future, are you planning to develop more longboard or shortboard? I really love both. I think if I have to choose I would go for the longboard. I definitely want to surf better on the single fins.
Advice to whom is starting to surf? Go for it! Search a quite place to learn the basics, take a surf lesson and enjoy!
Sponsors? No serious sponsors by contract except from Lightning Bolt.
What’s your idea of Lightning Bolt in the surf world? What made you accept our support for 2010? I think the time that Lightningbolt was founded, the world of surf started to grow quickly. To me Lightning Bolt has been very important in the shortboard revolution, the shaping and the world surf tour. I regret not to have lived and surfed in the seventies, and that's why I am really honored to be chosen as a Dutch team rider for Lightning Bolt in 2010.
Surf Objectives in 2010? Surf and travel a lot. I will join the Dutch HSA contests and teach on a freelance base for some surf schools in the summer season. If I've some money I'll travel again!

About the Dutch surf experience:
You are currently managing a surf school in Holland? How did this project born? At age 15 I went (as a friend) to the DSE surfcamp in France. They needed some assistance at the camp and so it all started. Since that summer I worked, surfed and taught many learners the basics of surfing. In the off season I studied to become sport instructor and also got my life saving and surf coach licence in England at the BSA (British surf Association).
Since 2007 the DSE started a surf school at my local beach with me as manager. It went very well for two seasons and after this last season, I got the option to buy the school. I have chosen to have no risks and be free to travel for the coming few years. I'm still a young, eh!?
Beside the surf school, do you promote any other activities? Do you have pupils all year? We did beginner courses and kids on wednesdays and sundays. The season started in May and stopped in October. I arranged government supported surf lessons for primary school kids, and afterschool activities at the beach.
How do you think surf is developing in Holland? Do you think it’s attracting more fans? The sport is certainly growing quickly over the last 5 years. I think the amount of surfers will grow rapidly over the next 5 years, with the help of many surf schools and camps. Also more and more good surfers start to do well on European contests.

About his lifestyle:
Conservative or Liberal? Liberal
Soccer Team? ADO den haag, don't like soccer at all...
Favourite Meal? Salad Chévre
Alcoholic Drinks? Which Ones? Beer
Dramas or Comedies? Both
Movie of your life? Endless summer
Favourite Quote? Enjoy life
Favorite Bands or Musics? Skatalites
Which bars and discos do you recommend in your hometown or current city? Paard van Troye, at The Hague, and Jammbeach, the beach club at my home beach.
Urban Tribes? Hippie, Punk, Fashion, Rasta? Rasta!
Are you against gay marriage? Why? Not at all...
Who inspires you? Many people, can't just tell one name. Family, friends, teachers and legendary surfers.
Are you supersticious? Nope.
If you could have dinner with anyone famous, who would you choose? Eddie Murphy must be fun!

Also he told us what he loves in life:
My Girlfriend
To travel
To ride the nose
To laugh loud
To eat a lot
To search and find good waves
To teach
To cook
To surf classic boards
To enjoy life
To feel adrenaline
To listen music
To surf every day”


Anonymous said...

jord rocks!

mihi said...

Hello,I am Japanese had been surfing together in madiha of Sri Lanka.How was
Arugambay? Madiha,there was a good day
for about two days since then.
And it was immediately found to volt your
surfing surfer look.Board of lightning volt
had anxious than before.
It got on the board when I was surfing for
the first time was volt.
That board is still a safe place at home.
Saw encounter,the great surfing in SriLanka
and the board you are riding in VOLT.
Although I could not talk much,so not good at English,I wanted to hear about a lot more.