28 Dec 2009

Txaber Trojaola, our first spanish team rider

For the first time in its history, Lightning Bolt has a spanish team rider. We are really happy to welcome Txaber to our team. He is one of the best spanish surfers currently running the WQS. He lives in Bakio and his home spot is Mundaka.

Dentro de poco tiempo, haremos la traducción de la noticia para nuestros fans españoles.

Nos perdonen por sólo tenermos la entrevista en ingles.


Name: Txaber Trojaola Renobales

Nickname? Why did you get it? Antonio & Kangurin.

Birthdate? 14-04-86

Hometown? Bakio

Married, Single or Engaged? I have a girlfriend, Nerea.

Pets? 2 dogs, Gatz and Baloo, his child.

Hobbies and other sports? I like a lot of sports: snowboard, playing cards, the film, and spend a lot of time with my girlfriend and my friends

SOME QUESTIONS about his surf:

Favorite Spots near your hometown or Spain? Mundaka

Regular ou Goofy? Goofy

Surfboards? Pukas Boards. My stander board is a 6`0 x 17 7/8 x 2 1/16

How long do you surf? Why did you start it? I started surfing when I was 10 years old. In Bakio, my hometown, together with my friends and my brother, we spend a lot of time in the beach, and so we started surfing..

Coach, do you have one? What’s the importance? Yes, I got a group of people they help me a lot, a long time ago. I really thank them their huge support!!

Favourite Surfers? There are so many good surfers around the world, but I really get impressed with people like Kelly, Taj, Rob Machado, Kalany…

Surftrips already made and planned? I already made many surftrips, and I visited really interesting places I enjoyed a lot. Right now I have some more planned, but I just want to say the places, when those are really confirmed.

Wave Types? I like a lot the rights and the lefts, with one perfect size, between 1,5-2m hollow and with the possibility of making good Manoeuvres too.

Best spot in the world where you’ve been? Ummm..there are many but I think the best ones are Mundaka, Teahupoo, Barra de la cruz and Snappers…

Favourite Manoeuvre? Tube

Biggest wipe out? Well..Mundaka, Meñakoz and a lot more…Some of them I will never forget!

Top 5 results in Competition?

2nd - WQS 5* 2009 Newquay Inglaterra

17th - WQS 6* PRIME 2009 Lanzarote

1st - Open EUROPA INTERCELTICOS 2008 Sopelana

4th - WQS 1* 2007 Cordoama Portugal

4th - Junior EUROPA 2* 2004 Ericeira Portugal

Why Competition, the professional career? The level is too high, and you have to try your best all the time and be ready for it. I have a competitive mind too.

Physical Maintenance? Which complementary sports or activities? Sports and training.

The surf and the Environment. Do you take part on any programme for protecting the beach? Yes, I take part in some movements to clean the beaches, when we get the trouble of Prestige petrol ship, I spent time trying to clean it. And I like, I love a lot the nature. Every time it’s possible, I do whatever it takes to preserve the environment.

Advice to whom is starting to surf? You have to enjoy it a lot and be persistent with it. Finally you start progressing and getting new feelings.

Sponsors? Lightning Bolt, Pukas, Arnette, Euskaltel, San Miguel, Manual accessories.

What’s your idea of Lightning Bolt in the surf world? What made you accept our support for 2010? One Of the oldest brands in the surf world. I like the brand and its history is something special. I thank the support and the idea of the brand.

Surf Objectives in 2010? I want to make the European WQS  tour which it is a part of the world tour too, and I would like to get some good results and improve my ranking in competition. Outside competition, I want to make some reports in different places and get some really nice pictures from there too.

SOME QUESTIONS about his Lifestyle:

Conservative or Liberal? Liberal.

As a basque, do you think the Basque Country should be autonomous? Yes, would like.

Do you support the Spanish monarchy? I prefer to talk about waves.

Soccer Team? Atletic de Bilbao and Atxurre from bakio!

Favourite Meal? My mum meals, like lentejas, pasta, rice, fish…Txuleta…bufff i like a lot all kinds of food!!

Alcoholic Drinks? Which Ones? Beer.

Dramas or Comedies? Comedies for sure. I hate the drama.

Movie of your life? Ali, Braveheart, Cadenza Perpetual, and many more.

Favourite Bands or Musics? I like music very much. Normally I hear all kinds of music, but I dislike Opera, Classic Music, Rap and Reggaeton.

Which bars and discos do you recommend in your hometown? Bar 01, Txoberne, Newman's bar and Bar Bakio. Bakio is small, but we have almost 20 bars!!!

Urban Tribes? Hippie, Punk, Fashion, Rasta? I don’t care much..

Are you against gay marriage? Why? NO, I have nothing against gay marriage, and I have nothing against them. I privilege that people can live happy, and I think, not allowing them the marriage is something really bad for them.

Who inspires you? Honest people.

Are you supersticious? Tell us one example. A little bit. Sometimes when things went good, next time, I try to copy and make everything in the same way to make it happen again.

If you could have dinner with anyone famous, who would you choose? Anyone as long it is sincere and modest people.

Watch below Txaber in action. Some highlights from the movie “Mad World”

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