22 Mar 2010

Surftrip to Bali – Hadrien and Léa Mengual


On February it was time for Hadrien Ballion and Léa Mengual, our youngest french team riders, to spend one month exploring Bali. The surfers from Bordeaux just loved the trip.
Léa Mengual, our new french team rider adapted really fast to indonesian waves
Hadrien was very focused making the best fans

“This surftrip was incredible. 1 month in the sun, warm water and all time good waves. Never less than 3 feet. We were 5 friends, there were good vibes. We didn’t stay at one place. We visited all the island (the waterfalls, the inner land, rice fields etc). But we stayed a lot of time in Uluwatu for this perfect left. The people from Bali are really friendly and peaceful. The nightlife in Kuta was great too. A really nice experience and I want to be there again” by Hadrien Ballion

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