12 Apr 2010

Surftrip in Hawaii – the official video – Part II

Today we present you the second part of the video in Hawaii, featuring the european team riders surfing the North Shore.
Team Riders: Alexandre "Xaninho" Ferreira, David Raimundo,Jeremy Brasset, Jord Fortmann, Nicolas Pinot, Pedro Soares, Txaber Trojaola.
Where: Pipeline, Haleiwa, Puena Point

Txaber Trojaola, our basque team rider was also there and tells us a bit more about Haleiwa:
This was your first surf trip with Lightning Bolt. What kind of expectations did you have?
Everything was new for me so I really had no expectations. I just wanted to get to know the rest of the team better, surf with them as a team, have fun, catch good waves, good vibes and hopefully some good photos too.
But this was not your first time in Hawaii?
It was my third visit to Hawaii, but I’d never interacted so closely with the Hawaiian community like we did this time! I also had the chance to surf new spots – even some secret spots.
You surfed in Haleiwa a couple of days, why?
We went there a few times because it had smaller crowd so we could have more relaxed, fun and laidback sessions. The waves were not as big and there was less competition than at Pipeline.
How are the waves in Haleiwa in comparison to the classic spots of Pipeline and Sunset?
It’s a different wave, completely different. It’s a very powerful right, with a strong swell, but surprisingly manoeuvrable and once in a while you get a tube.
With what kind of wind and swell conditions works better there?
With no wind or south wind and north swell. It needs a big swell to work.
You’ve surfed Pipeline, Sunset and other spots. Which one suits you best?
I love Sunset and I think Pipeline could also be a good wave for me, but I need to know it better and get more confident there. Usually, there’s a big crowd of people who’ve been surfing there their entire lives, which can be intimidating if you don’t feel 100% prepared.
Did the locals give you a hard time?
I never got into any trouble there, but the competition for waves is always tough and everyone’s position is made pretty clear. I like being relaxed in the water, waiting for my moment and for my wave. That’s why there’s nothing like surfing just with friends…
The Bolt Team was a true European melting pot. How was it to be together with surfers from Portugal, France and Holland?
It was great – everyone is so nice and it was really fun to spend time with them in and out the water.

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