24 Jun 2010

Groovy Classic 2010 – Back to 70’s surfing style

Gerco Kuijt, the winner in actionGerco Kuijt, the winner in action
20-06-2010, International surfing day 2010 was one Day the dutch surfing community will remember for a long time. A nice low pressure in combination with a strong storm from the north was giving Holland waves you would only find in the winter! Besides all the other activities.
After the last year’s event which, because of the lack of waves, only stood out by the excellent laid back 70's atmosphere, this year was totally different! Solid waves combinating with the unique concept of the Groovy Classic (heats of 6 surfers who have to perform on one of the 6 retroboards which were decided by lottery). You could be lucky to perform on an original Lightning Bolt 6.10 single fin or on a Mark Richards twin fin 6.2 for example.
Jord Fortmann in action
Jord Fortmann, our team rider got some of the highest scores during the competition

It started at 10am when the first surfers were surprised with the sandbanks of Noordwijk holding the heavy swell and producing some overhead waves. The first few heats were a nice spectacle for the audience. A lot of surfers had to get used to paddle and surf this kind of retroboards, but the decent swell didn't provide them with a lot of time for that. The older and more experienced surfers stood out and had no problems at all to surf the classic boards. Tim Hazenoot and Jord Fortmann qualified for the semis with the highest scores of the day. In the finals the tide didn't help the conditions and although the swell dropped with 50%, the winner Gerco Kuijt was considered the best surfer of the day. He was catching so many good waves that one of the surfers in the final only could draw the attention from the jury by taking off his wetsuit and surfed the final totally naked!
The freedom of seventiesThe freedom of the Seventies.

Besides the surf competion there was a 70’s quiz, a lottery for a pimped longboard, an election for the best dressed hippie, live music from the 70's and a perfect BBQ like in the old days.
Long live the seventies and long live the Groovy Classic!
The public
The bad weather wasn’t enough to keep the public at home

Which board will you have to useAfter one more surfboards lottery
IMG_8009The winner Gerco Kuijt
DSC_0694And after surf, the deserved tasty barbecue
For more photos and results: www.groovyclassic.nl

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