4 Oct 2010

LIGHTNING BOLT’S end-of-Summer party pays homage to PEDRO LIMA

Lightning Bolt organised a fantastic and moving end-of-summer party as a tribute to Pedro Martins de Lima, the first Portuguese surfer and the brand’s ambassador in Portugal, on the 25th of September at the Ribeira D’Ilhas Surfcamp – Ericeira.
The Lightning Bolt event celebrated the 80th anniversary of Pedro on such a lovely night, warmed up by loads of sincere hugs and compliments from new and old friends, the sharing of images and memories, autographs and emotive speeches, all embraced by a chill-out sound and the non-stop clicks recording every moment on the abundant memory cards.

By paying homage to its PR and ambassador, Lightning Bolt distinguished once again the brand’s values such as the importance of friendship, companionship, fair-play, freedom with respect for environment, surf for fun. Pedro Lima, a true waterman, is the perfect epitome of these principles.
The surf community showed respect and admiration, creating a fantastic mosaic of different generations joined by surf and friendship. Everybody was partying on such a natural mood… it felt just like a family affair.

Thanks to you all for fellowship, love and for making this brand special!
To you Pedro Lima, Special Thanks for everything that you share with us everyday!

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