31 Mar 2011

Bolt Mag #006 - 40 years of Lightning Bolt - A Surfing Culture!

We’re very proud to present the 6th issue of our Bolt Mag. This edition marks the 40th anniversary of Lightning Bolt as a Surfing brand. We have a few surprises in this special edition, such as testimonies from Surf icons such as: Gerry Lopez, Jonathan Paskowitz, Dorian ‘Doc’ Paskowitz, Rory Russell, Mark Richards, Jack Shipley, Jeff Divine, Sunny Garcia, Garrett McNamara, among others.

These are our highlights:
The Pure Source: 40 years of Lightning Bolt – surf legends’ testimonies
Trip: Indonesia – The Lightning Bolt Spirit
Collection: Spring Summer 2011
WorldWide Bolt: Alexandre Ferreira aka ‘Xaninho’ (Pt) - Hawaii 2011, Israel Rocha (Br) – The Magic Island, Anthony Harouet (Fr) – Pay to Play, Rodolfo Neves aka RatusFary (Pt) – Directly from OZ and Jord Fortmann (Hol) – Drive thru Europe.
Interview with: Sunny Garcia
Bolt Roar: Bolt Members: Paulo Couto (Lightning Bolt Designer), Rodolfo Neves aka RatusFary (Souls of Fire Percussionist & Bolt Sponsor) and Bryan Porter (Lightning Bolt Creative Director).
Highlightning: Lightning Bolt Re-Launch in Brazil.
What’s Happening: Interview with Garrett McNamara
We Like: Norman Ollestad
Stuff: Short News (Surfing Italy, Nazare Pro Surf & Portuguese’s Surf Awards, Summer Party & Tribute to Pedro Martins de Lima, Lightning Bolt Flagship Store in Venice, California – USA).

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