3 Jun 2013

Bolt Mag #009

Again, we’re very proud to present the 9th issue of our Bolt Magazine. 

Highlights Include:

Lightning Bolt Collector Boards Series :: Special Limited Edition of Five Sets Of Pipeliners # 5 Shapers (Gerry Lopez; Barry Kanaiaupuni; Tom Parrish; Rory Russell and Reno Abellira) # Shapes
Bolt Board :: New Sticks (Release)
Mickey & The Grinch
Bolt & Best Made Collab
Doug Walker :: The Lost and Found Collection
Spring Summer Collection ‘13 :: Good Times, Good Vibes
Surfing Around Europe :: Guéthary & The Portuguese Coast
Sounds Like Bolt 
Driftwood Collective :: Costum Designs
SurfTrip :: Ghana
Photo Lab :: Matt Wessen & João ‘Brek’ Bracourt

Enjoy Aloha!

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