13 Jun 2013

Lightning Bolt showcases the Limited Edition of Pipeliners at the Wheels and Waves 2013 Event

After a gestation of 4 years and the eventual birth of Wheels and Waves in 2012, the Southsiders will repeat their meeting in the magical town of Biarritz. As in 2012 over a long weekend - 13,14,15 and 16 of June - the event will mix custom and classic cars and bikes, surf, international art as well as music at the Biarritz Lighthouse.

Following the initial grand reveal to the public at colette Paris, Lightning Bolt Boards Collector Series will be now showcased at the Wheels & Waves exhibit at the Galerie 13 Avril. In honor of over 40 years of Aloha spirit, Lightning Bolt has invited five of the most unique, inspirational and legendary Lightning Bolt shapers - Gerry Lopez, Barry Kanaiaupuni, Tom Parrish, Rory Russell and Reno Abellira - to shape six Pipeliner surfboards they each felt embodied the roots the era.

In addition, the new Bolt Board Program, revived by our friend and legendary shaper Craig Hollingsworth, will be in Biarritz for testing with our team and crew. With our elemental symbol centered on the stringer, each board is iconic and beautifully encapsulates a style and a grace designed to call out the innovative spirit within each surfer who rides them. The idea is to take 70’s inspired shapes and meld them with modern sentiment and style in the water, so rippable and inspired that groms and dinos alike may bask in the glow of nostalgia…while landing an aerial so crisp it cracks a salty smile.

There will also be a boutique on site selling Lightning Bolt products.
So many reasons not to miss it!

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