2 Oct 2013

The Aloha Winter Shirt

Introducing the long-sleeve Aloha Winter Shirt so can you keep your refined cool style even through Fall and Winter. This enduring vintage-style Aloha shirt features an exotic Hawaiian floral design, and at 100% cotton, it is carefully constructed to be lightweight and comfortable.
Aloha puts into one word the warm sense of greeting and love for which Hawaii is so well known. There is probably no better known garment that captures the island's «spirit of beauty», worn as a statement of love and appreciation. Born in Hawaii, Lightning Bolt embraces the spirit that keeps the Aloha shirts alive.

The Coconut Buttons
Nothing beats real coconut buttons on an ageless Aloha Shirt. Our Lightning Bolt Aloha Shirt features genuine organic coconut buttons which complete the authenticity and timelessness of the garment. These fine buttons are eco-friendly, perfectly sized, and durable enough to withstand the test of time.

The Original Collar
A defining characteristic of early Hawaiian Aloha shirts were collar loops at the neck. Back in the day, men liked to wear their Aloha shirts buttoned to the top. So we kept the fold over notched collar on our Aloha shirt to respect the original look.

Lightning Bolt is proud to present you with the Aloha Winter Shirt. Wear it with pride.

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