17 Aug 2011

Hi everybody, check out the newest Lightning Bolt Fall Winter collection 2011/12


Lightning Bolt continues to grow and evolve from its roots forty years ago, featuring a Fall Winter 11_12 Collection focused to endure and remain representative of the Aloha spirit so closely associated with Bolt at its outset.
Looking to cleaner lines with less branding in the construction, graphics have become more uniform and geometric with strong coloration that ranges from earth tones to bright accents.
The earth tones relate the natural aesthetic where the brighter colors have always been good for a strong allure and inviting appearance. Having functional fabrics with comfortable fits with attention to detail gives the silhouette its strength.
Our roots will always stay true to surf culture and those who participate in it. We don't look at it as a trend, rather a constant source or inspiration from which we progress. The collection is an authentic and genuine expression of our passion for the lifestyle.

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