2 Apr 2012

Lightning Bolt Spring Summer 2012 Collection
Wherever you find yourself - Living Aloha

The new season kicks off with references ranging from Hawaiiana culture to the melting pot that is Southern California beach culture. Forever embracing the past, our roots, we step forward with the Spring/ Summer '12 collection.

Steadily moving forward, we still keep one eye peeled on the rear view mirror. At once acknowledging and paying respect to those who paved the way, while steering the direction forward keeping in mind the values of a simpler time when the pressures of a 21st century fully connected society didn't seem to matter or, quite frankly, exist. This is the precipice from which we jump...

Spring/ Summer '12 offers a familiar take on the classic Lightning Bolt graphics and bodies we have all come to embrace with a dose of a fresh and timeless perspective seen in our cut and sew pieces all shaped and inspired by our time in the drink. Forever holding onto a spirit of Aloha, We invite you to take in the Lightning Bolt Spring/Summer '12 collection.

Hawaiian Sunset Boardshort

Sky Aloha Shirt

Palm Patch Boardshort

New Slackstone Boardshort

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