13 Sep 2012


40 years after its creation by Hawaiian surf legends Gerry Lopez and Jack Shipley, Lightning Bolt has become synonymous with the aloha spirit, the surf life and quality products to brave all seasons. The spirit of adventure that is deeply rooted in Lightning Bolt carries on to our Fall Winter 2012 collection, the concept of which circles around the experience of surf and exploration during the winter months. The emblematic surfboards and versatile sportswear keeps you prepared for the colder days. At its core, this collection is influenced by the first chills of fall, getting out in the water on a freezing winter morning, and sitting around the fire with friends. During development we focused on finding a balance between the adventurous, practical, and relaxed all tied together by the lifestyle of the surfer. To help face the elements before a morning surf or the late night autumn chill, we chose natural materials like wool and cashmere, light and warm, fleece jackets with Teflon to repel water and French goose down filled jackets for an ultra-light weight comfort. Lightweight shells to cover up, quality layer pieces, knit sweaters of the highest quality and of course our board shorts and Tees are always here for the islanders. Every piece in this collection was developed with the purpose of keeping you ready to explore and living aloha- regardless of anything. Lightning Bolt’s Fall Winter 2012 collection will keep you warm and ready for whatever comes your way. 

Thrills not Chills. 
Lightning Bolt, A Pure Source.

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