30 Oct 2012

Lightning Bolt Fall :: Winter 2012 and Spring :: Summer 2013 preview: Côte des Basques, France

 Nestled along the French Anglet coast just west of Spain’s Bilbao lies the Côte des Basques.
 This French surf mecca is home to a group of surfers who thrive on the coastal air, winding cobblestone, rocky coastline, and sense of community; surfers who have taken the spirit of Aloha and put their own French twist on it, making it their own. 

Photographs featuring: 

Team Bolt Rider: Anthony Harouet 

Lightning Bolt USA’s: Jonathan Paskowitz 

Lightning Bolt French Sales Manager: Kenny Jacobs 

Team Bolt Rider: GeGe Brasset 

Surfer: Justin Delanne 

All Credits: Eric Chauché

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